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SubjectRe: BTRFS partition usage...

On Feb 12 2008 09:08, Chris Mason wrote:
>> >
>> >So, if Btrfs starts zeroing at 1k, will that be acceptable for you?
>> Something looks wrong here. Why would btrfs need to zero at all?
>> Superblock at 0, and done. Just like xfs.
>> (Yes, I had xfs on sparc before, so it's not like you NEED the
>> whitespace at the start of a partition.)
>I've had requests to move the super down to 64k to make room for bootloaders,
>which may not matter for sparc, but I don't really plan on different
>locations for different arches.

In x86, there is even more space for a bootloader (some 28k or so)
even if your partition table is as closely packed as possible,
from 0 to 7e00 IIRC.

For sparc you could have something like

startlba endlba type
sda1 0 2 1 Boot
sda2 2 58 3 Whole disk
sda3 58 90000 83 Linux

and slap the bootloader into "MBR", just like on x86.
Or I am missing something..

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