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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] [4/8] CPA: Fix set_memory_x for ioremap

    * Andi Kleen <> wrote:

    > EFI currently calls set_memory_x() on potentially ioremapped
    > addresses.
    > This is problematic for several reasons:
    > - The cpa code internally calls __pa on it which does not work for
    > remapped addresses and will give some random result.

    Wrong. We do call __pa() on vmalloc ranges (which is a known
    uncleanliness that we intend to fix), but contrary to your claim the
    result is not "random result". On 64-bit it's guaranteed to have a value
    above ~66 TB on 64-bit and hence fails all the filters later on so it
    has zero practical relevance at the moment. On 32-bit we transform it
    down to somewhere around 1GB - where we check it against the BIOS range
    filters - which again cannot trigger. But I do agree that it's unclean
    and needs fixing up.

    Detailed analysis on 64-bit: we call __pa() here:

    static int change_page_attr_addr(struct cpa_data *cpa)
    unsigned long phys_addr = __pa(address);

    which for vmalloc area virtual addresses will indeed yield some really
    high (and invalid) physical address. That address will never trigger
    this check:

    if (within(address, HIGH_MAP_START, HIGH_MAP_END))
    address = (unsigned long) __va(phys_addr);

    or this check:

    if (within(phys_addr, 0, KERNEL_TEXT_SIZE)) {

    so we'll never actuall _use_ that phys_addr.

    > - cpa will try to change all potential aliases (like the kernel
    > mapping on x86-64), but that is not needed for NX because the caller
    > does only needs its specific virtual address executable. There is no
    > requirement in the x86 architecture for nx bits to be coherent between
    > mapping aliases. Also with the previous problem of __pa returning a
    > wrong address it would likely try to change some random other page if
    > you're unlucky and the random result would match the kernel text
    > range.

    wrong. That "random other page" is guaranteed to be above 66 TB

    Anyway, i agree that it's ugly and unintuitive and it's on our clean-up
    list. But your patch is not a good cleanup because it just hides the
    underlying weakness.


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