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SubjectRe: kernel - progressive slowdown over NFS
On 2008-09-10, Priyank Patel <> wrote:
> We have a simple python program which keeps running a C loop to lstat
> NFS mounted directories. We are seeing some weird behavior w.r.t. the
> run-time of this program on kernel vs 2.6.24 kernel.
> The run-time of the following code increases over time on the
> kernel, whereas remains flat (as expected) on the 2.6.24 kernel.

I'm seeing a similar effect, and ran a benchmark pre and post reboot:

$ strace -T /usr/sbin/bonnie++ -d . -s 0 -f -n 1 >/tmp/bonnie-r44237-netslow 2>&1
$ strace -T /usr/sbin/bonnie++ -d . -s 0 -f -n 1 >/tmp/bonnie-r44237-netfast 2>&1

Graphs of the operations are avaliable:

In particular

r44237-* was a machine with a 28 day uptime and
r44088-* is an identical machine with 14 day uptime.

The graphs show times as recorded by strace for each syscall (points), a
cumulative frequency plot is also drawn on the same graph (lines).
yellow-orange points/lines are before the reboot, purple afterwards.

The machines are part of a cluster with a r/o nfsroot and common debian
stock kernel:
Linux r44088 2.6.26-1-amd64 #1 SMP Sat Aug 2 11:15:08 GMT 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Other nfs filesystems are also mounted; all nfs mounts are nfsv3 over udp.

Has this issue been identified or resolved in 2.6.27?

Extra logs can be provided if required.


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