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SubjectRe: ALPS input driver problem with DualPoint on Dell E6400/E6500 [patch]
On Die, 2008-12-09 at 01:14 +1100, Matthew Chapman wrote:
> Hi,
> Here's a patch that implements the 9-byte packet format, which solves
> the problem for me.

Thank you.

Indeed, the patch seems to work except for losing "grip" when using e.g.
the DualPoint Stick and the touchpad buttons at the same time.

Let's assume I click a window decoration drawn by compiz
(gtk-window-decorator) to move the window and the use the Stick. At
"normal" speed the window is dropped immediately. If I start dragging
very slowly I can sometimes move it successfully.

Playing around and trying to get some usable output from xev I could
reproducibly freeze the whole system (at least graphical output and
keyboard/mouse input) but I don't know if this is related to using
2.6.28-rc7 or the video drivers+compiz or the ALPS DualPoint anyway.

I nevertheless also experimented with metacity. Dragging works most of
the time but even metacity sometimes seems to interpret a double click
and maximizes the window instead of starting to move it.

So I'm quite positive that this patch still has some rough edges and
events that don't belong where they appear (or at least are not expected
by the window managers) because not mixing Touchpad's and -stick's
controls doesn't have any issues at all.

Greetings from Austria,
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