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    SubjectRe: Runaway loop with the current git.
    > This modprobe process does try to log an error, accesses /dev/console,
    > which is not initialized in the kernel at that time, and the kernel
    > module loader tries the load a module to support dev_t 5:1, which
    > again runs modprobe, and ...

    So we have a buggy modprobe...

    > Setting CONFIG_CRYPTO_MANAGER=y makes it disapper. The patch I sent
    > seems to fix it.
    > The bug is handled here:

    We cannot go re-ordering random chunks of kernel init with unpredictable
    effects including possibly making other stuff less reliable (because you
    set up the console device before the console driver is loaded on a PCI
    bus device). And we certainly can't do it this close to a release.


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