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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] vm_unmap_aliases: allow callers to inhibit TLB flush
Nick Piggin wrote:
> I have patches to move the tlb flushing to an asynchronous process context...
> but all tweaks to that (including flushing at vmap) are just variations on the
> existing flushing scheme and don't solve your problem, so I don't think we
> really need to change that for the moment (my patches are mainly for latency
> improvement and to allow vunmap to be usable from interrupt context).

Well, that's basically what I want - I want to use vunmap in an
interrupts-disabled context. Any other possibility of deferring tlb
flushes is pure bonus and not all that important.

But it also occurred to me that Xen doesn't use IPIs for cross-cpu TLB
flushes (it goes to hypercall), so it shouldn't be an issue anyway. I
haven't had a chance to look at what's really going on there.


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