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SubjectRe[2]: [PATCH][v2] fork_init: fix division by zero

Hello Andrew,

On Friday, December 19, 2008 you wrote:
>> There is one more warning from the common code when I use 256KB pages:
>> CC mm/shmem.o
>> mm/shmem.c: In function 'shmem_truncate_range':
>> mm/shmem.c:613: warning: division by zero
>> mm/shmem.c:619: warning: division by zero
>> mm/shmem.c:644: warning: division by zero
>> mm/shmem.c: In function 'shmem_unuse_inode':
>> mm/shmem.c:873: warning: division by zero
>> The problem here is that ENTRIES_PER_PAGEPAGE becomes 0x1.0000.0000
>> when PAGE_SIZE is 256K.
>> How about the following fix ?


> Looks sane.

Thanks for reviewing.

> But to apply this I'd prefer a changelog, a signoff and a grunt from Hugh.

Sure, I'll post this in the separate thread then; keeping Hugh in CC.

Regards, Yuri

Yuri Tikhonov, Senior Software Engineer
Emcraft Systems,

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