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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] ide: add ide_[un]lock_hwgroup() helpers

    > [ Sorry for the late reply. ]

    No worries - I haven't been very active either. It's home improvement season
    down under...

    > > Something I've run into while working on the locking stuff: what happens if the
    > > above ide_lock_hwgroup(hwgroup) sleeps for long enough to trigger the request
    > > timer?
    > AFAICS this happens before the hwgroup timeout timer is armed and IDE is not
    > using block layer request timers yet so we should be fine here..

    OK; I'll just let it block while SCSI requests are in flight. Thanks for
    pondering this :-)

    There's another change I'll send via Geert: since in Falcon, IDE uses stdma_intr
    as interrupt handler (interrupts dispatched there to whichever driver has
    exclusive use of the ST-DMA and associated interrupt), and this handler has been
    registered prior to IDE setup it is not necessary to request the IDE interrupt
    on Falcon when probing the IDE interface. In fact, this results in the IDE
    interrupt possibly getting run while the lock is not being held by IDE.

    Other than that it all seems to work fine.


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