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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Simplified GIT usage guide
    Johannes Schindelin <> wrote:

    > > +I don't really know what I'm doing with GIT either.
    > Strike the "either".

    The whole point of the introduction is that this is aimed at someone who
    doesn't know what they're doing, so IMO the "either" is quite correct here.

    > > +===============
    > > +===============
    > Your overview seems to be what "Git from the bottom up" is all about (see
    > the Git Wiki for more information where to find it).

    The problem is I need to describe some terminology, and the best way to do
    that is with some pictures. I was wondering if I should break this out into a
    separate document and simplify what I keep.

    In my opinion, it's much easier to deal with if you can visualise how it
    works, even if that visualisation isn't a true representation of reality,
    which references Miklos's points.

    > From my experience with new users, this is exactly the wrong way to go
    > about it. You don't introduce object types of the Git database before
    > telling the users what the heck they are good for. And most users do not
    > need to bother with tree objects either, anyway. So maybe you just tell
    > them what the heck the object types are good for, without even teaching
    > them the object types at all.

    Perhaps. The main thing I want to introduce is the idea of a tree with three
    levels, as it were: commits, directories, files.

    > So I think that your document might do a good job scaring people away from
    > Git. But I do not believe that your document, especially in the tone it
    > is written, does a good job of helping Git newbies.

    Hmmm. So what would you suggest is a good way to write for GIT newbies? Is
    it just that the overview should be canned or drastically simplified?


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