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SubjectRe: [TOMOYO #12 (2.6.28-rc2-mm1) 06/11] Common functions for TOMOYOLinux.
Quoting Tetsuo Handa (
> Hello.
> Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> > > There are two PIDs, PID seen from inside virtualized environment and
> > > PID seen from outside virtualized environment. To clarify, let me call
> > > the former "PIDv" and the latter "PIDg".
> > >
> > > PIDv is not system-wide unique. But PIDg is system-wide unique, aren't they?
> > > The PID received from outside virtualized environment is PIDg and they are
> > > system-wide unique, am I right?
> >
> > You are doing find_task_by_vpid(), so you are not looking up a task by
> > global pid.
> >
> I need to clarify reachability of "struct task_struct".
> A process inside a virtualized environment cannot reach "struct task_struct"
> which belongs to outside the virtualized environment.
> A process outside virtualized environments can reach "struct task_struct"
> which belongs to inside virtualized environments, can't it?

To be precise, there isn't a real 'inside' and 'outside' virtualized
environements. Rather pid namespaces are hierarchical.

(Taking another look) it looks like In is_select_one() you're doing the
right thing - you look up the domain of a task based on
find_task_by_vpid() on a passed-in pid. Seems correct.


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