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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET 00/18] open-osd: OSD Initiator library for Linux
Hi Boaz,

On Sun, 09 Nov 2008 16:58:59 +0200 Boaz Harrosh <> wrote:
> I have prepared a branch for linux-next based on today's Linus tree
> It is here:
> git:// linux-next
> This is if it's OK with James, as these bits are his responsibility.
> They need only sit in linux-next for a couple of weeks to get some wider
> compilation exposure. Other then that they are totally new code and
> are safe. Eventually they should be included into Linux-next through
> scsi-misc-2.6.

I have added that tree to linux-next for today.

What I say to everyone: commits in that branch must have been posted
somewhere appropriate, reviewed, unit tested and destined for the next
merge window. Also, note that my (new) practise is to temporarily drop a
tree if it causes non-trivial conflicts (especially with Linus' tree), so
don't be too upset if you get a message from me to that effect.

Stephen Rothwell
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