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SubjectRe: Suspend to disk broken in latest 2.6.28-rc3
On Sunday, 9 of November 2008, Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer wrote:
> Hello Pavel and Rafael,
> I've just finished compiling a recent snapshot of rc3 (namely gfed4d59
> [1]) on a F9 distro (gcc 4.3.0 20080428) and suspend to disk doesn't
> work anymore. My config is attached below [2].
> It just freezes my laptop (an old Thinkpad T30) while it works with
> kernel version 2.6.26 (I've never tried 2.6.27).
> I've tried playing with the pm_test facility, and while the "freezer"
> test works, the "devices" test fails like the real suspend...
> When that happens, the console still works (ie I can switch VTs and
> type) but the whole system doesn't respond: I can't login for example...
> Guess the disk driver is already off at that point.
> I don't have another computer to capture a serial trace so I guess I'm
> going to try to bisect it (which is going to take while on this slow
> computer). If I reconfigure my syslog could I get the output of the
> suspend process on the screen (for some reason I used to get it during
> suspend but now I only get it during resume)?
> Any ideas or pointers to fix this appreciated...

Please check if that's and
if that's the case, please add a "me too" to the bug entry.


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