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Subject[patch 0/4] [RFC] Another proportional weight IO controller

If you are not already tired of so many io controller implementations, here
is another one.

This is a very eary very crude implementation to get early feedback to see
if this approach makes any sense or not.

This controller is a proportional weight IO controller primarily
based on/inspired by dm-ioband. One of the things I personally found little
odd about dm-ioband was need of a dm-ioband device for every device we want
to control. I thought that probably we can make this control per request
queue and get rid of device mapper driver. This should make configuration
aspect easy.

I have picked up quite some amount of code from dm-ioband especially for
biocgroup implementation.

I have done very basic testing and that is running 2-3 dd commands in different
cgroups on x86_64. Wanted to throw out the code early to get some feedback.

More details about the design and how to are in documentation patch.

Your comments are welcome.



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