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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] radeonfb lockup in .28-rc (bisected)
Benjamin Herrenschmidt <> writes:

> Ok so I can't get it to die on my M9 (rv250) tipb here, I can try next
> week on a albook with an M10 (rv350). Just to make sure I'm doing the
> same as you, does it boot fine if you don't change the font and does it
> lockup if, after it's fully booted, you do a setfont neepalt10x20.psf ?

Yes. It boots fine with the regular 8x16 font and locks up when I do
"setfont neepalt10x20.psf".

Paul Collins
Wellington, New Zealand

Dag vijandelijk luchtschip de huismeester is dood

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