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SubjectRe: sharing interrupt between PCI device
On 11/05/2008 08:49 AM, Nobin Mathew wrote:
> Hi
> This is the system information X86_64 platform Xeon dual core processor.
> I saw the pci_disable_device () it is calling pcibios_disable_device
> () and this is is defined as
> void pcibios_disable_device (struct pci_dev *dev)
> {
> pcibios_disable_resources(dev);
> if (pcibios_disable_irq)
> pcibios_disable_irq(dev);
> }
> In i386 platform, I could not find a definition for these calls in
> x86_64 platform, i think it is using i386 platform code.

Well, will you show us the code, so that we needn't to crystal gaze? It's pretty
hard to say what happens, if we don't see what you do in the driver...

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