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SubjectRe: [PATCH] SAM9 watchdog - supported on all SAM9 and CAP9 processors
hi Andrew,

> I queued your sam9-watchdog-update-for-moved-headers.patch for
> immediate mainline merge by myself.
> I queued this patch
> (sam9-watchdog-supported-on-all-sam9-and-cap9-processors.patch) for
> sending to Wim with a for-2.6.28 suggestion.


> sylpheed mucks that up. text/plain attachments would be preferred,
> please. Inlined non-wordwrapped, non-tab-replaced, non-space-stuffed
> text would of course be even better.

Unfortunately, gmail seems to mess up (ie, corrupt the whitespace of)
the inlined patches.
Maybe if I drop the ".patch" extension or use ".txt" it won't set the
content-type to text/x-patch. Will try that next time.

Andrew Victor

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