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Subject[PATCH 00/15] x86: disable virt on kdump and emergency_restart (v2)

This is an updated version of the reboot/kdump virtualization disable
series that I've sent previously.

In short, the x86 and kdump changes are the same as before, except for
EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL, and the KVM parts are completely different.

Details of changes since the previous series:

- Style fixes suggested by checkpatch
- Added local_irq_disable() to nmi_shootdown_cpus() (patch 08)
- Use EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL() on set_virt_disable_func() &
- Add comments to source code on places where emergency_virt_disable()
is called, explaining why.
- kvm: Move the set_virt_disable_func() call to vmx.c and svm.c.
This made the patch series shorter and removing one level
of abstraction.

This series is against linux-next-20081105.

Patches 01-07 simply move the non-kdump-specific parts
of nmi_shootdown_cpus() to reboot.c, so it can be used by
emergency_restart(). They should be a no-op in relation to existing code.

Patch 08 adds an additional local_irq_disable() to nmi_shootdown_cpus(),
in case it is called with IRQs enabled.

Patch 09 adds the virt_disable function registering interface, like
the previous series.

Patch 10 hooks emergency_virt_disable() into kdump crash_shutdown code.

Patch 11 hooks emergency_virt_disable() into emergency_restart() using

Patches 12-14 change KVM so that it registers a virt_disable function
when loading.

Finally, patch 15 restore the previous reboot=kbd default.


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