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    SubjectRe: [git patches] libata hibernation fixes
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > - maybe we just do something odd and different, triggering some BIOS
    > behavior that isn't there under Windows.
    > So we should power down thigns differently so that the BIOS.

    These HP machines require patched storage driver to avoid the same
    problem, so it's not a generic problem and Windows is doing its own
    blacklisting in its own way.

    > - quite possibly: we just should not spin down disks at all, and just
    > flush them and do the "park" command thing. If we're _really_ powering
    > off, the disks will spin down on their own when power goes away. Maybe
    > that's what Windows does?

    I'm fairly sure they do about the same thing we do (FLUSH followed by
    STANDBY_IMMEDIATE). The only problem we've seen regarding harddrive
    shutdown or suspend sequence is a BIOS wrongfully assuming the
    controller is turned on and goes bonkers on suspend (this, we might want
    to change, not much point in turning off all the PCI controllers before
    entering suspend, is there?) and these HP machines which like to issue
    STANDBY_IMMEDIATE of its own and also breaks on stock Windows.

    > So I really don't want to pull this, because I want to get more of an
    > explanation for why we need to do this at all. I also don't think this is
    > even appropriate at this stage in -rc.

    They were supposed to go in during -rc1 but there was a misunderstanding
    while handing off patches I collected during Jeff's vacation and they
    got lost inbetween. I apologize for the late submission but this
    problem can shorten life span of hard drives considerably && applies
    only to a small set of machines, so I hope this can go in for 2.6.28.

    > Is it a regression? If so, that just strengthens the questions above -
    > what did _we_ start doing wrong that this is needed at all? Let's just
    > stop doing that, not add some idiotic black-list for somethign that _we_
    > do wrong.

    It's a regression in a sense that a long while ago, libata didn't do any
    spindown at all, which, again, was a regression from drivers/ide. So,
    the question whether this problem is a regression or not is sort of
    irrelevant here. It's plainly a ugly workaround for ugly hardware
    situation and Windows does it in even uglier way.



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