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    SubjectRe: data corruption: revalidating a (removable) hdd/flash on re-insert

    > >> Every access to removable media is guarded by this revalidation check.
    > >> If you don't see these events, you should not trust this reader, and
    > >> at least never change the media while it is connected.
    > >
    > > This is rather nasty data-corrupter.
    > Sure, it is.
    > > Could we at least blacklist
    > > broken device, and force revalidation on each close or something like
    > > that?
    > What's your idea of revalidation if the hardware does not tell you?
    > Get an md5 of the disk content? :)

    Well... you should not eject media while fs is mounted or blockdev is
    open, correct?

    So can we simply claim 'media changed' on last close/unmount? Sure,
    sometimes media was not changed, but that only hurts performance, not
    correctness... ?
    (cesky, pictures)

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