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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] powerpc: ftrace updates to previous patch series

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008, Steven Rostedt wrote:

> Paul,
> This patch series addresses the issues you brought up as well as
> adds some more enhancements and fixes. This series is added on
> top of the previous patch series.
> The new patches are: (and are posted now)
> 5987225... powerpc/ppc32: static ftrace fixes for PPC32

The new commit id with the fix in Author and SoB is:
powerpc/ppc32: static ftrace fixes for

-- Steve

> 382d6db... powerpc: ftrace, use create_branch
> d7d0ab8... powerpc: ftrace, added missing icache flush
> 10ec622... powerpc: ftrace, fix cast aliasing and add code verification
> d208ca5... powerpc: ftrace, do nothing in mcount call for dyn ftrace
> The patches you already commented on:
> 5c4f5d7... powerpc/ppc32: ftrace, dynamic ftrace to handle modules
> a73af3e... powerpc/ppc64: ftrace, handle module trampolines for dyn ftrace
> 009104f... powerpc: ftrace, use probe_kernel API to modify code
> a352036... powerpc: ftrace, convert to new dynamic ftrace arch API
> 6d07bb4... powerpc: ftrace, do not latency trace idle

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