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SubjectRe: [patch 1/2] mm: change dirty limit type specifiers to unsigned long
On Mon, 24 Nov 2008, Peter Zijlstra wrote:

> This didn't pop up any weird and wonderfull assumptions on the
> signed-ness of these variables I take it :-)

It didn't; in fact, callers already used them as though they were
unsigned. For example, bdi_debug_stats_show():

"BdiDirtyThresh: %8lu kB\n"
"DirtyThresh: %8lu kB\n"
"BackgroundThresh: %8lu kB\n",

And get_dirty_limits() itself implicitly uses an unsigned type specifier
for the long *pbdi_dirty limit:

if (bdi) {
u64 bdi_dirty;
*pbdi_dirty = bdi_dirty;

And, given that the remainder of the get_dirty_limits() callers simply use
these for comparisons to the ZVC global_page_state() values, which are
also unsigned long, this conversion is safe.

Thanks Peter!

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