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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ncurses based config V2
Hi Nir.

Some comments as followup to Willy.

> OK, I've just tried it. Here are the first comments I can make :
> - colors are too dark.
Seconded. Please try to find a lighter set of default colors.
You may be inspired by one of the menuconfig color-sets.

I agree that we could use a lift here - so please do not go for the
default color set of menuconfig.

> - entering text in boxes (eg: local version) does not move the cursor,
> it remains at the beginning of the line. If I press any arrow, the
> box immediately closes (most likely the Esc prefix again).

I do not see any cursor which is annoying. menuconfig has the same issue.

> - I noticed I was tempted a lot to press "?" to get help, but the key is
> not bound. It would be nice to have it bound to Help since make oldconfig
> and menuconfig to both report help that way.

Please bound this.

> - I'm not convinced that the parenthesis around hotkeys make the menu
> that much readable, especially when there are lots of short words or
> even acronyms. Eg :
> [ ] (U)TS namespace
> [ ] (I)PC namespace
> [ ] (U)ser namespace (EXPERIMENTAL)
> [ ] (P)ID Namespaces (EXPERIMENTAL)

This looks like some ancient stuff and it must be a better way to
show the short-cuts.

I would really appreciate if you could look into the above issues.
If you do a repost with this fixed I will try to do a proper review,
including code-review next time.


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