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SubjectRe: [RFC -tip] x86: introduce ENTRY(KPROBE)_X86 assembly helpers to catch unbalanced declaration
[Sam Ravnborg - Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 07:12:48PM +0100]
| >
| > I don't have -next tree on my laptop, neither cross-compile tools but
| > if someone could test it -- it would be great. But I used gas macros
| > here -- i doubt other architectures has the same syntax. At least
| > PDP-11 would beat us with ';' symbol :)
| If we include this in any of the 100+ trees that Stephen sucks
| into -next we will get it tried out.
| Ingo has so and so does others so getting it into -next
| is rather easy. Then the automated builds will tell of if
| it fails on any of the toolchains used there.
| Sam

Sam, to be clear, you mean that I could put this stuff into general
include/linux/linkage.h with general names as ENTRY/END and the same
for KPROBE so it could be merged into -next tree for testing? If yes,
that as I said there will be a lot of errors so build will stuck in
a moment 'cause of unbalanced ENTRY. Not sure if it's a good idea :)

- Cyrill -

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