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SubjectRe: [RFC -tip] x86: introduce ENTRY(KPROBE)_X86 assembly helpers to catch unbalanced declaration
On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 07:57:11PM +0300, Cyrill Gorcunov wrote:
> It's usefull to catch unbalanced, missed or mixed declarations of ENTRY and
> KPROBES. These macros would help a bit (at least I hope so).
> For example the following code would compile without problems
> ENTRY_X86(mcount)
> retq
> END_X86(mcount)
> But if you forget and mix the following form
> ENTRY_X86(mcount)
> retq
> END(mcount)
> ENTRY_X86(ftrace_caller)
> The assembler will issue the following message:
> Error: ENTRY_X86/KPROBE_X86 unbalanced,missed,mixed
> Actually the checking is performed at every _X86 macro
> so maybe it's good idea to put ENTRY_KPROBE_FINAL_X86
> at the end of .S file to be sure you didn't miss anything.

Could we at least try this out in -next before we decide to make
this X86 only?
I am aware that binutils can be a bit fragile but -next testing should
make a good check on this.


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