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SubjectRe: [spi-devel-general] [patch 05/14] mfd: PCAP2 driver
On Friday 21 November 2008, wrote:
> Since the last submission we are also using the spi subsystem and
> pxa2xx-spi instead of ssp.c directly as before.

I took a quick glance at this and it seemed like it should be
able to build without depending on PXA ... should certainly
not include <mach/ssp.h> or <mach/regs-ssp.h>, and it doesn't
look like it needs PXA-specific stuff like <mach/mfp-pxa27x.h>

It's also worth removing the reverse dependencies ("select X")
from Kconfig; they don't work very well for the things which
those dependencies rely on.

- Dave

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