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SubjectRe: Ninth(?) Velociraptor replacement or md(RAID)/smartmontools(?) bug?

On Fri, 21 Nov 2008, Alan Cox wrote:

>> Oct 27 11:33:41 Arzamas kernel: ata6.00: error: { IDNF ABRT }
> Different error. IDNF -> ID not found

So the only thing in common is WD disks. I don't know at this point.. NCQ with
WD disks (at least raptor150s/300s) is completely broken and I have to disable
it to use the disks without NCQ errors and dropping out of arrays (on 3 diff)
systems with different chipsets, p35, 965.

This guy has the same errors I do when I enable NCQ. It seems like WD raptors
should be blacklisted from using NCQ in the kernel.


Concerning my error specifically:

How much time have you spent replacing and RMA'ing disks? Personally for me
I spent $3600 on new velociraptors but after having spend hours, days with
doing testing, replacing, I have spent much more in time than the drives are
worth. I am really getting sick and tired of it, every few days or every week
its another drive failure (or more). What are you plans, just keep RMA'ing
and hopefully they'll find the bug and fix it or just give up and build a new
system for production and the RMA'ing can be a hobby in another system?

What I meant when I asked did you buy them new, was, did you buy them recently,
because with the raptor150s I have in another system, all 1+ year old, bought
new but I wonder if they changed something in their firmware to cause this
problem, when I opened a case with WD about the issue and spoke with someone
in India they are only setup to answer basic questions and anything complicated
you will get canned answer: "RMA."

Time to dump WD raptor drives?

I will note I am using several 750GiB drives without any issue whether
NCQ is enabled or disabled in various raid and non-raid configurations.

Comments--buggy raptors?


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