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SubjectRe: [] jfs on raid1 => attempt to access beyond end of device.
On Thu, November 20, 2008 11:42 pm, Pawe³ Sikora wrote:
> 20/11/2008, "Neil Brown" <> napisa³/a:

> failing raid1 device:
> # fsck.jfs -f -n -v /dev/md/0
> fsck.jfs version 1.1.13, 17-Jul-2008
> processing started: 11/20/2008 13.34.54
> /dev/md/0 is mounted and the file system is not type JFS.

grep md /proc/mounts
fsck.ext3 -f -n /dev/md/0

I looked again at the logs and there is evidence that it is an
ext3 filesystem that was triggering those errors.
Maybe you never did a mkfs after creating the raid1???


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