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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] protect /sbin/init from unwanted signals more
Oleg Nesterov <> writes:

> On 11/19, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
>> Roland McGrath <> writes:
>> > With that, I wonder if the SIGNAL_UNKILLABLE checks in get_signal_to_deliver
>> > and complete_signal are needed at all. Hmm, I guess we do because this
>> > doesn't affect blocked signals, so they might be unblocked and delivered.
>> > (Note that since it doesn't affect blocked signals, this doesn't break init
>> > using sigwait if it wanted to.)
>> Ah. That answers the question I had bouncing in the back of my head.
> Even worse. The signal can be dequeued even before unblocked by the target.
> complete_signal() can "redirect" this signal to another thread wich doesn't
> block it.

The signal handlers should still be the same.

>> My original analysis of the situation was that we should not send blocked
> signals.
>> Treating handler != SIG_DFL as a permission check. Not as an optimization.
>> Mostly because it is more consistent and uniform.
>> inits today don't do anything with blocked signals.
> (I guess you mean "with blocked SIG_DFL signals", otherwise this is
> too strong ;)

Could be.

> If init does exec and do not want to miss (say) SIGCHLD, the only option
> is to block it before exec. And right after exec the handler is SIG_DFL.

Interesting point.

>> They explicitly ignore all signals,
>> they don't want to deal with an enable those they do.
> I do remember I had the (unrelated) bugreport which in particular showed
> that user-space sends SIGUSR1 to init. Usually init has a handler and does
> something in responce, but sometimes the handler is SIG_DFL. I don't
> remember the distribution, ubuntu iirc.

Could be. I have to follow up on what craziness upstart is doing.
So my information is a bit dated.

> Yes, this perhaps means init is not perfect, but still.
>> Which reminds me. I need to retest, but I had a case where I had a trivial
> init
>> that set all signal handlers to SIG_IGN so it could ignore SIGCHLD. And not
>> all of it's children were getting reaped automagically. Do we have a bug in
>> the reparenting/reaping logic?
> Ah... I thought this was already fixed... shouldn't reparent_thread()
> check task_detached() after do_notify() ? like ptrace_exit() does.

Like I said I need to retest. I was on a 2.6.26 fedora kernel base.
So if there have been recent bug fixes things may have changed.


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