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SubjectRe: [PATCH RESEND] char_dev: add cdev->release() and convert cdev_alloc() to use it
Greg KH wrote:
>> Hmmm... if you can use this change, I think you can push it through
>> whatever tree you push patches through, things can be taken care of when
>> merging or we can put it in Greg's tree and ask Miklos to pull from the
>> tree first but Greg doesn't keep a stable tree.
> I don't keep a stable tree? What do you mean? It's a quilt tree, and
> it does get included in -next, so I think it does work :)

Heh... I meant stable (in the sense that it doesn't get rebased) git
tree which Miklos can pull from.

> Send it to me again and I'll push it through my tree if no one else
> objects.

Yeap, will resend it and let you and Miklos sort it out.



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