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SubjectRe: understanding firmware loader for speedtouch (kernel
> >> Do you have any news regarding my case of slow transfers via
> >> Speedtouch USB modem on linux ?
> >
> > I found my old speedtouch modem and tested here. I got 2.1 Mbaud
> > bulk downspeed, and 3 Mbaud isoc downspeed. This last is half the
> > speed my line supports, so something is wrong [*]. Unfortunately
> > I'm not very motivated to try to find out what, because I don't
> > use this modem myself anymore. It looks like someone needs to do
> > some more reverse engineering work on the windows driver.
> Duncan, as you remember we discussed 1 year ago speed issues with
> Speedtouch driver. Please let me know if the driver has been fixed to
> support higher speeds? Or is it still limited to 3Mbaud top ?

Nothing changed, so I suppose it is still slow. I'm not planning
to work on this - I no longer have any interest in these modems
(I should really remove myself as maintainer).

Sorry for the bad news,


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