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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] x86: more general identifier for Phoenix BIOS

* Philipp Kohlbecher <> wrote:

> Phoenix BIOSes variously identify their vendor as "Phoenix Technologies,
> LTD" or "Phoenix Technologies LTD" (without the comma.)
> This patch makes the identification string in the bad_bios_dmi_table
> more general (following a suggestion by Ingo Molnar), so that both
> versions are handled.
> Again, the patched file compiles cleanly and the patch has been tested
> successfully on my machine.
> Signed-off-by: Philipp Kohlbecher <>

applied to tip/x86/urgent, thanks Philipp!

I also tagged it for -stable backporting.

>> Note that we should do a simpler patch: just change the string to
>> "Phoenix Technologies" and that will provide a proper match. (DMI
>> matches work on substrings too)
> Done. (I wasn't sure whether you were saying that *I* should write
> this simpler patch or that you would. Anyway, here it is.)

yeah, developers/users writing patches is always the preferred
solution! It's the vector that spreads Linux development to new areas
and new people.


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