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SubjectRe: size of swapped-out part of the process
On 11/17/08, Hugh Dickins <> wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Nov 2008, Victoria Muntean wrote:
>> How can I calculate size of swapped-out part of the process from
>> /proc/PID/*, even if approximately ?
>> For example, I have VmSize=1216192 kB, VmRSS = 628788 kB, but global
>> swap-in-use==0.
>> Hence (VmSize - VmRSS) is far from being swapped-out part of the
>> process. What is ?
> I'm sorry, we don't record those numbers per process or per mm,
> so you won't find them in /proc/PID/status or /proc/PID/statm.
> And we'd probably resist accepting a patch to add them,
> so as not to enlarge key data structures to hold them.
> There's also an ambiguity about what "swapped-out" means: does
> it include shared file pages which were once mapped into the
> process, but have since been freed under memory pressure?
> But it looks like you're interested in swapped-out to mean written
> on swap. In that case, if you have CONFIG_PROC_PAGE_MONITOR=y,
> you can read /proc/PID/smaps and add up all the "Swap:" lines.

Can you possibly explain what types of pages create "VSZ>>RSZ"
effect in total absence of swapping and plenty of free memory ?

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