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SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm] vmscan: bail out of page reclaim after swap_cluster_max pages
One more point.

> Sometimes the VM spends the first few priority rounds rotating back
> referenced pages and submitting IO. Once we get to a lower priority,
> sometimes the VM ends up freeing way too many pages.
> The fix is relatively simple: in shrink_zone() we can check how many
> pages we have already freed and break out of the loop.
> However, in order to do this we do need to know how many pages we already
> freed, so move nr_reclaimed into scan_control.

IIRC, Balbir-san explained the implemetation of the memcgroup
force cache dropping feature need non bail out at the past reclaim
throttring discussion.

I am not sure about this still right or not (iirc, memcgroup implemetation
was largely changed).

Balbir-san, Could you comment to this patch?

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