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SubjectRe: FYI: BUG in SATA Promise 300 TX4 (2.6.24 - 2.6.27-3) w/Linux
Mikael Pettersson wrote:
> Tejun Heo writes:
> > > and NOTE: the card or driver (or both) for the Promise 300 TX4 isn't
> > > stable for production use -- and has a repeatable problem of timing out
> > > some drives before it can spin-up from standby (just the drive -- not the
> > > computer). The error logically removes the drive from the system until
> > > the next boot (unplugging, and replugging in the SATA cable on the drive
> > > would hang the machine within 5 seconds of replugging in the cable). Not
> > > an instant, hang as might indicated a HW upset plugging in cable, but a
> > > couple second delay after plugin -- before keyboard would lock up --
> > > pointing toward the software trying to re-add+initialize the drive.
> >
> > Some promise controllers seem to suffer transmission problems when
> > combined with certain drives, which often show up as timeouts. The
> > hardreset of sata_promise wasn't as robust as it should have been and
> > in some cases it wasn't able to recover a link after error condition
> > causing the system to lose drive after such events. The hardreset
> > problem was fixed recently by Mikael Pettersson. Can you please try
> > 2.6.28-rc5 and see whether sata_promise still loses drives after
> > failures?
> >
> > Mikael, I think the hardreset fix is worthy including into -stable.
> > It should be safe for -stable too, right?
> The hardreset fix was included in I wanted it in 2.6.26-stable
> too, but that branch seems to have been closed now.
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Is that likely to do anything for the old SATA150-TX4 ?
I have 2 of them in a machine and I've been dropping drives under write load recently but it was a kernel.

Reboot required to pick up the drives again (unless the kernel panics and it reboots itself - which
it's been doing also).

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