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SubjectRe: Fwd: Problem with kernel
(General question, CCing LKML).

On Sunday, 16 of November 2008, Gioacchino Mendola wrote:
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> From: Gioacchino Mendola <>
> Date: 2008/11/16
> Subject: Problem with kernel
> To:
> Hello everyone,
> This is my first mail and I hope my questions will not be too trivial!
> I'm trying to develop a lodable kernel module but I have a problems
> with certain system functions that have been deprecated.
> With the previuos kernel(2.6.26), I used the following functions
> kill_proc(pid_t pid, int sig, int priv)
> find_task_by_pid(int pid)
> Now i use the linux kernel
> Instead of kill_proc I tried to use kill_pid.
> Kill_pid() requires as a first argument a struct pid and not a pid_t pid.
> kill_pid(struct pid *pid, int sig, int priv)
> how can I get "struct pid" by "pid_t pid"?
> how can I get the "task_struct" by the pid?
> Thanks in advance
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Everyone knows that debugging is twice as hard as writing a program
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