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SubjectRe: Turn CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM in sysctl dev.mem.restricted
> because it can load kernel modules?
> or because it can bypass the iommu?

It has iopl, firmware loading, ioperm, raw disk I/O, mknod, module loading
etc etc..

> the point of the /dev/mem restrictions is to not allow things you know
> you don't need, while still allowing X to function where it can access
> the crap it does. Now in Bernhard's case he DOES need them, so he
> shouldn't use the restrictions.

I know what the point is, but it doesn't actually implement any
meaningful restriction to achieve that result, so it is worthless junk.

> > There are proper ways to deal with X, modern video cards and modern
> > security models. They involve using framebuffer mappings off the PCI
> > device node itself and DRI.
> >
> when X has this for all hw that matters /dev/mem could go away for the
> people who then no longer have any need for it.

Why should it go away ? It's a matter of file permissions and security
rules as to who can access it. Trying to make it go away is just more
fake-security crap.


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