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SubjectTurn CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM in sysctl dev.mem.restricted
This patch series turns CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM in a sysctl

While the restricted /dev/mem is useful in most scenarios, it is not
when doing live debugging. The crash utility
( needs access to /dev/mem.

As distributor (at least for "enterprise" distributions) you need both:
The protection in the general case and the ability to do live debugging.
The patch doesn't make the kernel more insecure: Without SELinux or
AppArmor, it has always been possible to circumvent that /dev/mem
restriction. With it, you can also prevent the (super) user from doing
"sysctl dev.mem.restricted=1".

This patch series differs in two ways from the original submission:

- The patch that removes CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM has been added.
- The binary sysctl is removed, now it's only a /proc/sys sysctl.

While the original submission of CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM mentions that the
option has been in RHEL and Fedora for 4 years without problems, that's
only a half of the story. The truth is that at least RHEL has /dev/crash
exactly to circumvent that /dev/mem restriction. Don't tell me that this
is better than having that sysctl entry. ;-)

The patch has been tested on i386. There should be no difference to

Signed-off-by: Bernhard Walle <>

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