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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] tracing/branch-tracer: Fix a trace recursion on branch tracer
2008/11/16 Ingo Molnar <>:
> Regarding the "Impact" line, it's cool that you started adding them.
> I'd like to ask you to tweak them a little bit in the future: please
> try to describe the "practical impact" via them - not just a
> repetition of the source code change that the patch does.
> For example, for this patch, instead of this impact-line:
> Impact: Make the branch tracer use raw irq save/restore
> a better one is:
> Impact: fix crash when enabling the branch-tracer
> (i changed it in this patch, no need to resubmit. And it's not well
> documented anyway.)
> Thanks,

Ok. Yeah I had some trouble with this "impact" tag, finding it hard to
not overlap its message with this of the patch's subject but I better
understand now...
Perhaps this tag should be explained in
Documentation/development-process/5.Posting and SubmittingPatches...
(cc-ed Jonathan for the development-process documents)....

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