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    SubjectRe: [GIT PATCH] USB patches for 2.6-git
    Greg KH wrote:

    >>>>>>It should be [best_end < 0].

    >>>>>>If it is possible then please correct this mismatch in your series.

    >>>>>I'll wait to get a patch from Felipe for this.

    >>>> I'm seeing it being to you sent at least a week ago -- look for "usb:
    >>>>musb: fix bug in musb_schedule".

    >>>As Felipe is the maintainer of the musb code, and has been batching up
    >>>patches and sending them on to me when needed, I have only been taking
    >>>them from him.

    >>>So that message is long deleted from my mail, sorry.

    >> Even though it was a message from him CCing you? :-)
    >> Here it is:

    > Nope, I'm not on the CC: for that message, sorry, check your headers...

    Sigh, here's an excerpt from its header (note that doesn't show
    CCs at all):

    From: Felipe Balbi <>
    Cc: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>,
    Felipe Balbi <>

    > thanks,
    > greg k-h

    WBR, Sergei

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