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SubjectRe: [osd-dev] [PATCH 04/18] libosd: OSDv1 preliminary implementation
Randy Dunlap wrote:
> Boaz Harrosh wrote:
>> Boaz Harrosh wrote:
>>> Sam Ravnborg wrote:
>>>>> +EXPORT_SYMBOL(osd_dev_init);
>>>> kernel-doc comments for all exported funtions / variables.
>>> I have some kernel-doc comments of exported functions in the Header
>>> file. I have not yet finished all of them. (Laziness on my part).
>>> Are kernel-doc comments in headers a big NO-NO. I like it this way,
>>> so when I have to learn a new Library all the information
>>> I need to know is in the header. Also the header is a much better place
>>> when you do programing by shopping, that is you don't know what you need
>>> and you look for what's available.
>>> Thanks
>>> Boaz
>> Sam please comment if kernel-doc comments are OK in headers
> Hi,
> The de facto standard for kernel-doc comments is at the implementation site,
> which means normally in .c files, except for macros or inline functions.
> Sure you can find some exceptions to that. And there is no hard requirement
> in Documentation/kernel-doc-nano-HOWTO.txt.
> IMO the biggest concern is making sure that the (kernel-doc) comments are
> updated when the function implementation changes (if updates are needed).
> Where would be the best place for this to be more likely to happen?
> Usually at the function implementation, I would say.
> ~Randy
Thanks Randy

I would like to keep them in the Headers then. This is because I make
sure that the implementation includes the declaring header, so any miss-matches
are caught by the compiler.
And because these are all library routines exported to other modules. The important
thing is the API you linked with. If the API/parametrization change it must first
change in the header. The internal implementation is not documented only the external
black-box functionality is documented in these places.

I will think about it some more, but for now, if it's OK I would like to keep them
like submitted. In this particular library they make more sense to me in the header.


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