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    SubjectRe: USB reset/IO Error problem when high load on ICH9 USB
    > I am absolutely positive it was plugged in properly, and i am also sure
    > the usb port isnt broken, i have tested all of them, though, this is
    > first time i have had so many in use concurrently, maybe its a power
    > issue? (which would be weird though, as flash devices shouldnt be using
    > so much power)

    FWIW I've found that on my ICH9 based PC, whenever I copy a fairly large
    (>50MB) amount of data onto a USB flash drive, my USB keyboard plays up
    for up to half an hour after the transfer, generating random keypresses
    all over the place.

    The first time it happened I thought I had some sort of spyware/virus on
    my PC, but it reliably happens whenever I copy lots of data onto the
    flash. After about half an hour or so it settles down and everything
    goes back to normal.

    I thought it was a problem with the keyboard driver, as it doesn't
    affect the whole keyboard (the base keyboard is handled by the Linux USB
    keyboard driver and that works fine, but the userspace program
    "g15daemon" handles the extra non-standard keys, and these are the ones
    that randomly get pressed after a large data transfer.)

    Last time this happened I checked the data coming in over evdev, and the
    extra keypresses were generated entirely in software - no evdev data was
    coming in unless I was physically pressing the key. But still Linux was
    receiving spurious keypress events. (Which is why I suspected the
    userspace program.)

    Perhaps it's not g15daemon (nobody else has reported this behaviour),
    but something USB related instead?

    This is with, though.


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