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SubjectRe: Can you use the USB HID interface within a driver?
> For 2.6.28, the HID code has been completely refactored, and converted 
> into a proper bus, making it possible to write driver easily in a way that
> the driver implements only parts where device deviates from the HID
> standard, and lets the rest to be handled by generic code. I guess this is
> what you are looking for?

Yes, that sounds like exactly what I'm after! This device seems to be
HID with a custom protocol over the top, so presumably I can let the HID
driver handle all the USB initialisation and just focus on the protocol.

> Please look at drivers/hid in 2.6.28-rc1 or newer. There are quite a
> couple of drivers already using this new infrastructure.

Great, I'll have a look now - thanks!

> If you have any further questions, I'll be happy to help you, but I will
> be completely offline until 11th November, sorry.

Thanks for that! I'll see how I go. If there are existing drivers I
can use as examples, hopefully I should be okay for the most part.


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