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SubjectRe: free tg3 ethernet driver
Davi Leal wrote:
> We would like to have a tg3 driver which would be accepted as free by the
> FSF's standards.

I would like a pony.

> At least some part of the driver seems to be GPL'ed; see [1]. However, the
> FSF's hardware guide lists tg3 as non-free, so there seems to be a non-free
> firmware somewhere.
> [1]

Firmware blobs aren't news. They've been discussed at great length on
this list. If you want to whine about this, whine to Broadcom.

> We would like to be able to use the free driver with Linux 2.6.27 or later.

You must be new here.

> Donation pledge group at
> Current donations: $101 USD

Gigabit NICs with firmware-free drivers cost $10. If you care that much
about the binary blob in tg3, maybe you should stop giving your money to
Broadcom, and start giving it to vendors whose drivers satisfy your

-- Chris

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