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Subject[PATCH] memcg: update patch set v7
Hi, Andrew. please allow me to test under -mm if ok.

This series is against the newest -mmotm(stamp-2008-10-02-16-17)
and I think ready-to-go.

All comments are reflected.
(and CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTLR=n case is fixed.)

Including following patches.

[1/6] ... account swap cache under lock
[2/6] ... set page->mapping to be NULL before uncharge
[3/6] ... avoid to account not-on-LRU pages.
[4/6] ... optimize per cpu statistics on memcg.
[5/6] ... make page_cgroup->flags atomic.
[6/6] ... allocate page_cgroup at boot.

I did tests I can. But I think patch 6/6 needs wider testers.
It has some dependency to configs/archs.

(*) the newest mmotm needs some patches to be driven.


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