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Subjectman-pages-3.11 is released

I've released man-pages-3.10.

This release is now available for download at:

(The very latest version of man-pages is always available via git, at
git:// .)

The online changelog is available at
(blogged at
and the current version of the pages is browsable at

An abridged version of the changes in this release that may be of
particular interest to readers of this list is provided below.



==================== Changes in man-pages-3.11 ====================

New and rewritten pages

Michael Kerrisk
Create a new page for umount() and umount2() by extracting
existing material from mount.2 page.

Changes to individual pages

Michael Kerrisk
getdents.2: Add an example program
getdents.2: comment out linux_dirent fields with varying location
getdents.2: The DT_* constants are defined in <dirent.h>
getdents.2: remove header files from SYNOPSIS
getdents.2: The programmer must define the linux_dirent structure
getdents.2: s/dirent/linux_dirent/

Michael Kerrisk
mount.2: Add description of per-process namespaces
mount.2: Document MS_SILENT (and MS_VERBOSE)

Michael Kerrisk
signal.7: improve description in NAME section
signal.7: Add mention of sigaltstack(2).
signal.7: Describe syscalls that synchronously wait for a signal,
signal.7: Give overview of syscalls that block until a signal is caught
signal.7: Add overview of interfaces for sending signals.
signal.7: describe semantics w.r.t. fork() and execve()

Michael Kerrisk
Linux man-pages maintainer;
man-pages online:
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