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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] [1/3] Provide rdtscll() asm/msr.h for user space
    Andi Kleen wrote:
    >> I would suggest writing a <sys/tsc.h> header file and submitting to the
    >> glibc people, instead, or perhaps even better, start a libarch/libx86 tree.
    > That wouldn't work on old kernels. asm/msr.h has been the traditional
    > interface for this and rdtsc has worked forever (at least dating back to 2.0)
    > rdtscll is a bit newer, but still in Linux terms ancient (2.4)

    It would definitely work on older kernels. Just don't stomp on the
    kernel's namespace and you can do whatever you want.

    > Also in my experience distributions are extremly slow at keeping up
    > with glibc, so even if this was added to glibc it would be probably
    > years before it would be actually usable :/ And I see about zero
    > point in changing a perfectly fine include name breaking everything old.

    So ship the include file with your utility. Hardly a big deal. But
    yes, that's part of why I'm mentioning the idea of putting it in a
    separate library, which can also house other low-level constructs.

    > Anyways if you insist I can probably deal without
    > but I (and likely others) would think something nasty about you every time
    > I have to cut'n'paste that code again. Do you really want to risk that? @)

    If you're really incapable of maintaining a single user-mode header file
    with a handful of one-liners in a sane way, then definitely.


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