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SubjectRe: Laptop shock detection and harddisk protection

> > > > Either I can take his sources on (quite well known
> > > > place, right) as published information, or I could not use other well
> > > > known sources such as wikipedia.
> > >
> > > If the wikipedia information was written based on these source files,
> > > no, we can't use that, sorry.
> >
> > How do I know?
> Unfortunatly, you can't, so don't use it.

Not being able to use wikipedia is little strong, don't you think so?
What's next?

> > This code is written by anonymous person. He may have used documents
> > improperly, but I see no signs of that, and don't see why I should
> > believe you saying so.
> >
> > If have proof of that, you should talk to sourceforge to take that
> > code down... or probably their employer should ask sourceforge to do
> > that.
> >
> > The documents are on the web from more than year now, on
> > well-known. That seems to indicate that your theory is not true.
> Yes, I know this is true, for a variety of reasons of what people
> (including the individual in question) told me in private.

Are you saying Shem told you he violated some contracts?

Ok, so can you tell us the details, so that we can evaluate this
ourselves, and (more importantly) so that he can defend himself? He
seems willing to point where specific pieces of code come from.

> And I'm not going to go around asking for code to be taken down, as I'm
> not the one whose contract was invalidated.

Right. So why do you care if this code goes into kernel? Your contract
is not violated, and neither me nor you signed any contract preventing
us from putting that code into kernel.

If you know the details, can you tell us which/whose contract is being
violated here? Maybe we can just get permission of those parties. Or
maybe your information is wrong...

> Ok, once again:
> - we know this code was created illegally.

If you know this, please share details.

> So can we please just drop this? Or do you want me to point you at the
> lawyers?

I'll talk to lawyers if I have to. I'd like to understand this.
(cesky, pictures)

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