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    SubjectRe: CD tray closes spontaneously after opening it
    On Wednesday 01 October 2008, Boris Petkov wrote:
    > I have a debugging infrastructure ready in ide-cd which is in Bart's
    > tree, you could apply it ontop of current git, enable it and send dmesg
    > so that we could see exactly what is going on:

    I have tried to reproduce this with the extra debugging, but have so far
    not been able to (which also explains the delay in replying).

    There was one reply suggesting that the close could be triggered by
    the "user pushes tray in manually" sensor (which I had not thought of
    myself). I normally never do that, but when I fiddled with the tray it
    did close very quickly once. After that I did push it in a few times
    (with some force needed as you'd expect) and the problem has not
    reoccurred since.

    So I'm currently inclined to blame that sensor as the cause of the
    problem, but will keep an open mind and try further tracing in case the
    problem reoccurs.

    My thanks to all who responded and helped eliminate a number of possible


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