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Subjectuvesafb in 2.6.27-rc9 uses mode_option, in 2.6.27 mode, but the docs aren't updated
I just tested 2.6.27-rc9 on my laptop, which uses uvesafb. I notice that
I need to update

/sbin/modprobe uvesafb mode=1400x1050


/sbin/modprobe uvesafb mode_option=1400x1050

but the documentation in Documentation/fb/uvesafb.txt happily talks
about the mode option. It would be nice to have the documentation
updated at least, but might I also question this move at all? Why call
something 'mode_option' when 'mode' is shorter and the fact that it's an
option really is clear from the fact you mention it on the commandline,
like, how-do-I-call-it, yes-I-remember, an option?

Or are we moving toward 'mtrr_option', 'scroll_option',
'vram_remap_option' etc? I don't think that really a good idea, so the
easiest thing to do would be to revert the patch that did this rename,
since that resyncs the Documentation to the actual module and removes
the needless description of the 'mode' option.

Kind regards,

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