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Subject[PATCH 0/4] integrity
This patchset addresses a couple of concerns raised on the 
mailing list:

- Christoph Hellwig's questioned what is protecting the TPM
internal kernel interface from the driver being removed,
when it is not builtin. The TPM device should be builtin
in order to start collecting measurements at the earliest
possible time. When the TPM is not builtin, the internal
TPM kernel interface now protects itself from the driver
being removed by incrementing the module reference count.

The integrity-TPM-internal-kernel-interface.patch prereqs:

- Discussion on the mailing list questioned the use of special
magic values in userspace, concluding these values are already
exported to userspace via statfs and their correct/incorrect
usage is left up to the userspace application.

- Concern was raised on the lkml mailing list, about adding i_integrity
to the inode structure. This patch adds a comment clarifying that
i_integrity is only included in the inode if INTEGRITY is configured.

Mimi Zohar (4):
integrity: TPM internel kernel interface
integrity: special fs magic
integrity: Linux Integrity Module(LIM)
integrity: IMA as an integrity service provider

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